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Price: $49.95–$99.95/mo. Internet speed: 3–1,000 Mbps

Top plans Price Download speeds up to Upload speeds up to
Best for speed
HyperLink 1,000 Mbps
$99.95/mo.* 1,000 Mbps 1,000 Mbps Call Now
Best for most folks
HyperLink 80 Mbps
$69.95/mo.* 80 Mbps 10 Mbps Call Now

How good is EarthLink?

EarthLink internet speeds vary wildly by location, and its plans are pricey, but it has a top-notch customer service reputation. If it suits good for your location then this is one of the best option for you. Except don’t count on that legendary customer service during the installation process—you should count on that to be a real pain in the patootie.

Best EarthLink internet packages

Package Price Download speeds up to Upload speeds up to
Best for speed
HyperLink 1,000 Mbps
$99.95/mo.* 1,000 Mbps 1,000 Mbps Call Now
Best for most folks
HyperLink 80 Mbps
$69.95/mo.* 80 Mbps 10 Mbps Call Now

Compared to other internet service providers’ introductory rates, EarthLink’s internet plans are overpriced. If you look on the sunny side, that means you won’t face a massive jump in price once your one-year contract expires. (Just a little price jump, probably.)

Earthlink internet packages

Package Price Download speeds up to Upload speeds up to
HyperLink 12 Mbps $49.95/mo.* 12 Mbps 1 Mbps Call Now
HyperLink 24 Mbps $59.95/mo.* 24 Mbps 3 Mbps Call Now
HyperLink 80 Mbps $69.95/mo.* 80 Mbps 10 Mbps Call Now
HyperLink 100 Mbps $79.95/mo.* 100 Mbps 100 Mbps Call Now
HyperLink 1000 Mbps $99.95/mo.* 1,000 Mbps 1,000 Mbps Call Now

EarthLink installation problems

“What’s with the enigmatic warning about EarthLink installation in this article’s intro?” you ask. Excellent question.
Like how EarthLink contracts with other internet providers to use their networks, EarthLink also contracts to use those providers’ technicians. EarthLink doesn’t have direct control of your technician’s schedule, branding, or training.

That means on installation day, your installation technician may show up late in an AT&T van (or CenturyLink, Verizon, etc.). They may not know much about EarthLink as a company, and they might even claim their company owns EarthLink (it doesn’t).

These contracted technicians will probably install your internet just fine, but EarthLink customers aren’t their priority. You may end up scheduled last for your technician’s appointments that day or get rescheduled if an emergency pops up. All this hassle is a bummer, especially since EarthLink charges you $79.95 for installation.

But your installation day could always go off without a hitch. And if you can get through a potentially turbulent installation day, you’ll be cradled back in the capable arms of EarthLink’s customer service team. They’ll look after you.

EarthLink internet equipment

EarthLink modem/router rental costs $6.95 per month, and it’s not optional. But even though many internet services let you bring your own gateway, they usually charge $10 if you’re renting equipment, so EarthLink isn’t giving you too bad a deal. Unlike cable internet, DSL and fiber internet don’t have standardized modem tech. DSL networks, in particular, are a mix of different technologies (we discuss this in our CenturyLink modem article), and it’s hard to find the right modem for the job without a lot of tech know-how. Keep this cost in mind, but don’t let it weigh too heavily on you. As far as hidden internet fees go, it’s not all that bad.

EarthLink internet deals and promotions

Nope, sorry, EarthLink isn’t the sort of internet service to butter you up with sweet deals and promotional pricing. It prescribes to the mindset of moms with picky eaters everywhere—you get what you get, and you don’t throw a fit. To lighten this blow, maybe you can imagine Gene Wilder here snapping, “you get nothing!” We’d include that gif, but we don’t think our Compliance Department would let us get away with it.

Can I get EarthLink internet?

EarthLink internet is one of the farthest-reaching internet service providers (ISPs) in the US—there’s a pretty good chance EarthLink offers internet service near you. To find out for sure, enter your zip code below.

What kind of internet is EarthLink?

EarthLink provides both DSL and fiber internet service, but your service type will depend on your location and internet plan.
EarthLink’s HyperLink 100 and 1,000 Mbps plans are fiber internet. In some areas where fiber internet is available, Hyperlink 50 Mbps is also a fiber plan—and it drops in price from its usual $69.95 per month to $49.95 per month.
The Hyperlink 50 Mbps price drop is likely because 50 Mbps is tons of bandwidth for DSL, but hardly any for fiber. It doesn’t cost Earthlink much to offer 50 Mbps of fiber, but it’s still nice that it passes those savings on to its customers.
Aside from the plans mentioned above, EarthLink’s other plans are all DSL internet.

Is EarthLink secure?

EarthLink internet comes with virus and spam protection, but you’ll have to pay more for its advanced security option, Earthlink Secure.
EarthLink Secure offers five different levels of protection, starting from $7.95 to $24.95 per month. You can compare them all on EarthLink Secure’s webpage, under Pricing and Features.
Heads up if you use EarthLink’s email service: Its email encryption is only an option, not a rule. You should make sure you’ve selected secure email settings before you send out any more emails.
And never use EarthLink email for HIPAA-protected information—it’s not secure enough for that.

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