Frontier Review 2021: Plans, Prices, and More

Frontier FiOS offers fast speeds, but older Frontier networks offer only headaches.

Trending Frontier tv cable and internet packages


Price: $27.99–$137.99/mo. Channels: 125–360+ Internet speed: 6–940 Mbps

Price Download speeds up to Upload speeds up to
Simply FiOS 50/50 $29.99/mo.* 50 Mbps 50 Mbps Call Now
Simply FiOS 500/500 $39.99/mo.* 500 Mbps 500 Mbps Call Now
Simply FiOS Gig Service $74.99/mo.* 940 Mbps 880 Mbps Call Now

*for 12 months with 2-year agreement. Actual speeds may vary. Installation, equipment fees, Internet Infrastructure Surcharge, Quantum service fee, broadcast fee, early term, taxes & other fees apply.These packages are being purchased most on our website and are subject to change depending upon the customer's choice.

How good is Frontier?

Ah, the most confusing but advantageable based where you live. Frontier cable TV and internet service changes a lot based on where you live. If you’re in California, Florida, Indiana, or Texas, there’s a chance you have Frontier FiOS—that’s super-fast fiber-optic internet and TV. But if you’re anywhere else with Frontier internet service, you’re likely on Frontier’s crumbling DSL network. Hmm, bad news for them.

Best Frontier packages

Package Price Download Speeds Up to Upload Speeds Up to
Best for price
Simply FiOS 500/500
$39.99/mo.* 500 Mbps 500 Mbps Call Now
Best for gigabit speed
Simply FiOS Gig Service
$74.99/mo.* 940 Mbps 880 Mbps Call Now

Frontier internet plans and prices

Package Price Download Speeds Up to Upload Speeds Up to
Frontier Internet $27.99/mo.* 6 Mbps N/A Call Now
Simply FiOS 500/500 $39.99/mo.* 500 Mbps 500 Mbps Call Now
Simply FiOS Gig Service $74.99/mo.* 940 Mbps 880 Mbps Call Now

FThere is a lot more on Frontier internet plans and prices. It offers many much bundles and offers that you can find categorized in our website.

Frontier internet plus TV packages and pricing

Package Price Download Speeds Up to Channel Count Phone Plan
Frontier Internet +
America's Top 120+
$90.99/mo.* 6 Mbps 190+ Add unlimited nationwide
calls for $10/mo.
Call Now
Frontier Preferred Internet +
America's Top 200
$107.99/mo.* 25 Mbps 240+ Add unlimited nationwide
calls for $10/mo.
Call Now
Frontier Premium Internet +
America's Top 250
$127.99/mo.* 115 Mbps 290+ Add unlimited nationwide
calls for $10/mo.
Call Now

Why Frontier?

If you live in an area with Frontier FiOS, it’s an excellent option for internet service, it's been also noted that customers are always satisfied by the customer support. Although if you are at a place where Frontier is at its lowest. You are gonna face a lot of slow internet problems with you.

How much is Frontier internet monthly?

Frontier has three different internet services—depending on the network available in your location, your monthly internet bill could run anywhere from $27.99 to $74.99 per month. If you rent a Frontier router, that will be an extra $10 per month.

Is Frontier internet unlimited?

All Frontier internet packages come with unlimited data—Frontier did us all a solid by skipping those crummy data caps. As a Frontier internet customer, you won’t have to worry about surprise charges from using too much data.

Can I get Frontier internet and TV in my area?

If you’re unsure whether or not Frontier is available near you, enter your zip code below. We’ll compare it with our database to find all the TV and internet providers in your area. And we never keep or share your info with anyone else, so you can check worry-free.

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