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Tuesday, December 8th, 2020

If you are wondering about the fast tv cable and internet service providers (ISPs) in the United States, then you are not alone. The speed and reliability of ISPs in the State vary widely, so finding an exact answer might become a little challenging but excitement. 

Being United States’s most trusted portal for authentic and unbiased information, we are keeping our promise, where we promised to cover the best internet service providers in your city in the upcoming week – here’s our take on the best tv cable and internet service providers in the US

Factors responsible for Internet Speed

“A fast internet is a bunch of major factors including speed vs quality, uploading speed vs downloading speed, wire strength vs wire length”

Speed vs Quality: 

Fast internet must have quality and efficiency to serve all the devices with same speed providing consistent quality.

 Uploading speed vs Downloading speed: 

We are well aware that a fast internet downloads fast, but does it upload with the same rate? Keeping in mind that uploading speed is same important as downloading speed.

wire strength vs wire length

If you tend to install a fast internet connection, remember the strength of wire should be quality one, and it should not be away from ISP, unless it is supported by boosters.

 How to make the internet fast?

The speed of the internet is based on many important factors that are responsible for the performance of any internet connection. The factors are well defined and tuned up for you

1.Remove cache from your browser: Yes this is true browsers can keep cache for too long. Generally every website refreshes the cache after 6 hours but most of the time browsers don’t remove the  previous cache. It results in plenty of load on processor to understand which cache version to restore

2. Check the ports: Due to dust or rust, the ports connected in the hardware don’t conduct the signals properly, which results in loss of power pottentail. Back to school days, do you remember the time when we used to rub the RAM with rubber to make sure it transmits data faster? Same phenomena for ports.

3. Stuck with whirl wire: Make sure your DSL cable, or any cable connected to router or modem doesn’t whirl so many turns, it will result in decreased power supply input. 

4. Too far from ISP: You could be far from ISP, this could be another genuine reason for your poor internet connection. The internet service provider (ISP) should allocate your wire with a booster to make sure you receive excellent throughput even though you are far from the source. 5. Choosing the wrong plan: Understand your consumption, and install appropriate internet connection through a valid and well known internet service provider. You can visit the website and find the best provider. The good thing is this website will provide you cheapest internet plans with the fastest internet connection that you will never feel hurdle in your enjoyment.


A fast internet connection depends upon %70 the hardware stuff and %30 on internet speed provided, the real technique is how to install and associate with hardware for maximum usage.

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